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Once in a while we all need help: riding a bicycle for the first time, doing homework, writing a novel or as simply an essay. It doesn’t matter how old you are, settling things yourself is important – that’s what my grandma always told me. Nevertheless during the hardest moments of our lives we require professional help to achieve results, leverage efficiency and just make the very best of our time. I am, of course not talking about playing more video games, getting wasted at parties or anything like that (although hanging out with friends is something that usually makes my day). Nowadays, there exist many online services for writing essays. The market has expanded even more since Internet’s green days. And it definitely became harder to find and choose the most appropriate service for once needs. That’s why we are here to find out the best five websites for you to discover and probably use. But first let’s talk about main reasons for using online essay writing services.

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It goes without saying that studying ain’t easy nowadays. Our brain itself is the first enemy to the professional and personal growth. Let alone constant work, house chores, piles of paperwork we get at the university and plain laziness. But let’s concentrate on the universities. A well-known fact is that students work hard in high education facilities. And it sure is even harder in prestigious US and UK universities like Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley and Cambridge. I’ve recently spoken to some of the students. It appears that some of the requirements are plain hard to understand, acknowledge and, thus, produce high-degree academic content. Since using custom essay writing services is not illegal and is not considered to be plagiarism, many students use it as retreat plan. Of course the debates on whether or not such actions are “orthodox” still exist. The professors will claim it plagiarism. Still, the sole fact that essay writing services exist, indicates serious troubles inside the very educational system. The students are usually given more tasks than they can actually do. Add constant thread of harsh penalties if being caught cheating. What we get as a result is the vast variety of websites offering legal copywriting for those in need of saving time.

Another thing to think about is language barrier. Things are hard enough already even if you are a native English speaker. Imagine what difficulties students from India (for example) might face. Constant stress, emotional struggle, working hours – all that piles up leading to God knows what consequences. Man, trust me, studying is not easy now. I usually understand the questions when reading them twice. A friend of mine from Ukraine has to read the same question like 4 to 5 times to get it. And he passed his language exam with flying colors. All in all, I want to say that language barrier can become bummer. And so using essay writing services in this situation can be a really good way out.

How to Choose Best Writing Service Online

So you’ve got a problem and you sit wondering what kind of service to choose from dozens of them. But don’t worry, here is the list of all the qualities a good online writing service should have.

It goes without saying that all the assignments at university have deadlines. Home tasks, research papers or essays – all that has to be done within a specified period of time. Therefore finding an online writing service that delivers an essay in time is essential for any student. We don’t discuss the actual quality of the work here. After all, any result is better than nothing. And getting nothing after paying money can be extremely annoying especially if deadline’s at hand. Another thing to pay attention to are the writers. Whether it’s a freelance academic or a whole writing service you’re giving assignment to, be sure they have all the necessary knowledge for your type of work. With freelance workers it is easier to talk on the subject and make sure this person knows what to write about. With online services, just look up the list of all the qualifications of the writer who is allocated to do the job.

Last but not the least is the price. It doesn’t matter how you decide to pay for a writing task – the prices will be different. With freelance writers it is always difficult. People like that usually work in various places and that can become a problem if you are looking for a printed and ready research paper. So basically prices depend on location, rating and the difficulty of the assignment. So just be ready to drop a few more bucks for an essay on nuclear energy than on sociology.

Finally what we are all looking for in any type of writing task is quality. I, know, all the things listed above add up to the overall quality. But does all that actually makes an essay good? As far as I know, an essay can be nice and shiny, and delivered on time but completely out of league. You won’t get an E-plus for such work and so let’s move to the top five writing services I seriously advice you to consider.

Essay Writing Services Reviews

Just to be clear from the start – we are now talking about big players of online essay writing services. There won’t be any drawbacks, but merely the differences that might affect your choice. Without further ado let’s dive into the peculiarities of the five best online writing services.


The first writing service I used 2 years ago was In fact, once you start looking for a good essay writing website there is no way you can miss this one out.


EssayPedia is one of the oldest and has been working in the industry of essay writing for about 8 years now. No wonder I checked them out first. Anyway, the prices there aren’t low, but the discounts are really jaw dropping. Additionally you get the chance to order Premium and Platinum quality papers. That you rarely see on any other online services. The quality even with “regular” essays is always on top. As far as I know their writers have to pass a number of tests to get hired. So, yeah, they are legit and I do recommend you


When talking about more affordable writing services we should definitely take into consideration. The lowest amount here is 14$ which is like totally cool for students. Add various discount programs, promo codes, a 6-hour-delivery option and you already got yourself a time saving service. Bibliographies, movie reviews, thesis, general essays, speech, business proposals – are among least papers you can order on Essay Thinker.

Suppose, you are good at doing paperwork but just have no time to check it all for errors. Or you are a lazy-head like me and editing bores you a lot. In this case, keep calm and go to EvolutionWriters. Again, this is a strictly essay writing service. But what really saves the situation is proofreading option. While getting the master’s degree I was using this service like constantly and never regretted a day. What you have to do is just download your text file online and boom – you get the message with the estimated time of work. Additionally you can get info via online chat or on phone.


When talking about usability I can’t help mentioning The thing that strikes everyone about this online service is the navigation. Once online you just don’t have to read all the unimportant information about authors, prices and stuff. You don’t waste time on calculations and form-filling. Usually it takes just the theme and your phone number for them to contact you and get the details. Add pleasant price tags with constant bonuses and get yourself a winner.

Well now we are talking big show. If you haven’t heard about Evilution Writers, you really missed a lot. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk many about this service. Even among top five essay writing websites this one is still the best. Not only can you order copywriting, but also custom CV, business writing, editing and even complex math/physics solutions. You get all that for affordable prices. Always on time. Always professional.


All things considered, it is hard to choose from a variety of services. They all have pluses and minuses, positive and negative points. Still, with this article we at least managed to draw attention to the five best online essay writing services you can use and get the good result you deserve for.